Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Monday, September 29, 2014

More Living Desert pics

As of October 1, the Living Desert will return to its normal daytime schedule, not the summer one.  During the hot summer months, they open at 8:00 a.m. and CLOSE at 1:00 p.m.  During the normal season, they open at 9:00 and the last admission is at 4:00 p.m.  I used to stop there after school and walk the 1 mile Eisenhower inner loop, which went up by Eisenhower mountain, through the washes.  I don't do that anymore.  First, my school gets out 20 minutes later this year, and second, well, I honestly haven't had the energy!  I'm hoping to be able to do that on the weekends this year, however.

We always buy the family pass.  That way, we can enter an hour before the park opens, and before there are strollers all over the place!  HA!  Our daughter and son-in-law had their stroller with us on Saturday for the little one.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A beautiful day here yesterday and a visit to the Living Desert!

We had ourselves a BEAUTIFUL autumn day here yesterday. Our daughter and her family called and asked us if we wanted to join them at the Living Desert Reserve, so we met over there at 8:15 a.m.  Both families had to renew our memberships ($75.00), so it was a good thing we all went!  It was PERFECT weather!  The granddaughter was in her stroller, but got out several times to either walk or to play at the discovery center.  I picked up some info on school field trips.

We ended up walking around for nearly 2 HOURS!!!  Even hubby went with us, taking the day off work.

After that, we went over to Whole Foods and bought sandwiches for lunch.  I bought some of their organic carrot Thai soup and boy, was it DELICIOUS!  I can see where stopping by Whole Foods is going to become a daily habit!

Here are some pics from the Living Desert, which is at the bottom of Deep Canyon.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

AUTUMN is here!

I know that autumn has arrived for a couple of reasons.  First, the temps dropped way down into the 70's last night.  Phew!  I ran around the house and opened up ALL the windows!  And, we turned the air condition OFF!  Finally!  It has run virtually nonstop from May through September (until today)...Fortunately we had a $700 credit from Southern California Edison and that took us through MOST of the summer months!   :-)  I have a tendency to inch up the thermostat while hubby isn't looking, so we had a huge credit this year!

Second, sites are filling up at Thousand Trails RV park in Bermuda Dunes!  I drive by it every day to and from school.  It sits empty during the summer months and the owners trim all the palm trees and I'm sure they do maintenance then.  But, by Thursday, I did notice a few brave souls enduring the last couple of days of 106 degree temps.  Yesterday, it was down to 100 (I think...) and today, down to 89!  YIPPIE!  And, double digit temps for the REST of the week!  Whoo, whoo!   :-)

Finally, with the dropped temps, our nighttime temps have dropped too and we can sleep much more comfortably and open the doors and let the cool air inside during the mornings.  Right now it is a delightful 73 degrees!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall is JUST around the corner

If I can make it through today, fall is just around the corner.  Today will be in the 104 - 106 degree range.  Then, double digits after that, through next week.  PHEW!  Not a moment too soon!  I took the kids out for PE on Tuesday.  That did me in.  I was exhausted, achy, feet and legs ached.  I was barely able to drive home.  Came home and collapsed on the bed.  Turns out, it was a virus and I stayed home yesterday to recover (and sleep).  Hubby says it is going around his work and half the folks there have it.  Oh, joy!   :-)

Our Whole Foods opened yesterday here in Palm Desert and it was a WHOLE bunch of chaos!  Hubby drove me over after he got home from work and the place was so packed he could barely turn the shopping cart around!  We got separated a couple of times and nearly lost one another forever!  I DID stop at the juice bar and get a shot of wheatgrass ($2.25) and it was the SMALLEST wheatgrass shot I've ever had!  Next time (when I have my wits with me...), I'll tell them what a small shot they are serving!  I mean, it was TINY!  I wasn't too happy with that.  I'm hoping it will get me through the day today (the wheatgrass)...we'll see.

And, they put the wine area right next to the produce section!  Huh?  Really?  They do have a nice outdoor seating area (with misters), so folks can come sit outside (when it is cooler).  AND, they open at 7:00 a.m.   :-)

Considering the chaos of yesterday, I think I'll stay away for a week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First day of autumn

No, autumn didn't arrive with a roar.  Instead, yesterday, it arrived with a gentle breeze.  A subtle shift in the atmosphere, I believe.  It was so delightful that I took the kids out for morning PE!  We played 4 square for 45 minutes!  I may do it again today, and maybe even the rest of the week!   :-)

And, it was barely over 100 degrees here.  By next weekend, the evening low will be down in the 70's!  Time to put another blanket on the bed, I guess!

Photo of Bishop creek, in the eastern Sierra Nevada, is from the Mammoth Times (NOT my photo!)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Seniors beware! New SCAM!

I recently received a bill from a "Professional Credit Service" (yeah, RIGHT!) for a bill from my local hospital, which they said was UNPAID and if I didn't dispute it within 30 days, they would consider it legal.


The ONLY time I was even at our local hospital recently was in December of 2013, when I was hit by a kid running to kick a soccer ball and he ran into me and I fell down and had a concussion.  Fortunately, this was a workman's comp case, as I WAS in the hospital most of the next day after I vomited in the morning.  As workman's comp, since it happened at school, during the school day, I wouldn't be responsible for anything, let alone $269.00!!!!

I knew it was bogus.  I tried calling the hospital several times and nobody answered.  I DID manage to get a quick call in to the credit service and they said, " was an error"!  An ERROR?  REALLY?

I confirmed it that afternoon with a call to the hospital.  Right away the gentleman on the phone said, "Is this regarding Professional Credit Service?"  I said "Yup".  Apparently they have received quite a few calls and complaints about them. And, NO, I don't owe $269.00.  It was an "error".

What a SCAM!  Just imagine if 10% of those receiving bills paid them!  What a ton of money that would be!

I fired off 4 letters of complaint, along with copies of my now-"bogus" bill from PCS to various governmental offices in Salem, Oregon (since it is an Oregon based company) AND a law firm in New York City.

What sealed it for me is that one of my co-workers ALSO got a bill from them, TOO, for the same hospital!  What a coincidence.  Seems they (PCS) targeted certain zip codes or hospitals.

SO...if you receive a bill from them, PLEASE, stop, call the hospital listed and confirm that you do NOT owe them money!  SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

I made a mistake at the park and this is what happened!

Last time I went to the park, a couple of weekends ago, I made a BIG MISTAKE!  I walked around taking photos, then went back to my car, and took out 4 quarters.  The quarters are for the duck food.  You can guess what happened.  ALL the sleepy ducks heard the turn of the gears on the duck food and came a' runnin!   Good thing this was 7 a.m., before lots of people got to the park.  I was quite amazed.  For 25 cents, you get about 10 pellets of duck food!  That's not even enough to feed 1 duck.  AND, I noticed the park even took out one station.  There used to be 3 there are only two.

THIS is what happened when the ducks heard the quarter drop and the wheels turn on the feeder...

They ALL started following me, begging for MORE FOOD!