Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oak leaves

Beautiful oak leaves near Jenks Lake, San Gorgonio mountain.  San Gorgonio mountain is also called "Old Grayback" and it is the highest mountain in Southern California, at 11,490 feet.  Apparently one can see it from the summit of Mt. Whitney, which is 190 miles away!  It is part of the San Bernardino mountains and its snow melts and runs into the Whitewater River and channel, which feeds the aquifer of the Coachella Valley.  It overlooks both Redlands and the city of San Bernardino and it is easily visible from the Coachella Valley.  In fact, I see it every morning when I drive to work.  The Whitewater Preserve is at the base of it and we will travel up there to see the fall leaves soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Now, HERE are a couple of signs you don't want to see!

We stopped for a "potty stop" up by Jenks Lake, since my philosophy is to never ignore a chance to make a pit stop when you can!  I saw these signs outside the vault toilets...

 Great, eh?

We took a drive to Big Bear Lake today!

I was feeling much better this morning after my sore throat of yesterday, but hubby was a bit down.  However, we loaded ourselves into the car and were off by 9:15 a.m.  We stopped at Whole Foods for a couple of sandwiches (which turned out to be HORRIBLE!!!   :-(   We will NEVER buy another one there again!!!

We headed up through Oak Glen, but the road was so packed with cars we didn't even stop!  It's APPLE SEASON up there and the crowds are horrible.

So, up Highway 38 we headed toward Jenks Lake.  The lake was closed.  We never even saw it.

Instead, we focused on the beautiful oaks and even the ferns which were turning yellow and brown. be continued...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

More desert fences~Good Fences~October 17, 2014

More interesting fences from the Living Desert Reserve in Palm Desert, CA.  Good Fences for Friday, October 17, 2014.  No, the lion isn't real.  That's where they are planning on putting the lion exhibit sometime in the future!!!   To visit Good Fences, please go to:

Thursday catch-up

California quail
Chuckawalla lizard...common to our deserts.

Beautiful desert willow blossoms.  I have a young one out in our front yard.
I just thought I'd post a few photos that I haven't posted yet from last Sunday's visit to the Living Desert Reserve.  One can always find something interesting there!  And, if you go in the early morning, it isn't too hot, although by 10:00 last Sunday, it was HOT!  I love all the animals and plants there!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A TIMEOUT yesterday!!!

The kids in my class had to have a 10 minute timeout yesterday so that I could have 5 minutes of PEACE and QUIET!  And, yes, they had to put their heads down!

After our math lesson, which we did together, they had to solve 2 problems on their own.  Now, granted they were WORD PROBLEMS, but they were similiar to the 4 we just did.  Most couldn't do them.  They had not a clue.  They didn't read their "cheat sheet" of word problem  strategies which we just did yesterday.  They sat, then they started talking.  Not whispering, mind you, but talking loudly.  Then they got up to go chat with their friends....hmmmm...not a good sign.

I mean, if a teacher goes over the strategies CONSTANTLY, does 4 problems with the class, wouldn't you THINK they could try 2 problems on their own?

Apparently not.

It got so loud I couldn't think straight!   :-(

I don't feel too badly...we went to dinner with our son and his family and NONE of us could figure out the kindergarten math homework!  I mean, how do you show 1-0 with counters?  OYE VEI!  Do you cross one out?  Do you put a 0?  He couldn't explain it either, so his mom will ask the teacher this morning!

...kindergarten math....(shaking head)...

4 adults in the room, all with college degrees couldn't figure it out...



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Got a surprise at the horse ranch yesterday!!! :-(

So, I had enough energy yesterday (thank goodness!) to drive up to the horse ranch.  I was wiped out last weekend and didn't even make it up there for a visit with the herd.  I hate it when that happens, but when you are 62 and you've fought kids DAILY for 5 days at school, by most Saturdays, I'm totally exhausted!  However, I'm feeling pretty dang good right now and my energy level is pretty high.

So, up I went.  But, first I dropped off a load of some of the palo verde wood from the dead palo verde by our driveway and some acacia wood for my friend Barb, who lives in Pinyon.  Boy, I thought I was having a rough time!  She looks extremely tired and she is already worn out.  That's what happens when you have a computer lab for 27 kids and only 1 computer works!  I took her a care package from Whole Foods:  some nice scented foaming hand soap, a couple of boxes of organic Risotto, and some oatmeal/raisin cookies.  I'm worried about her.  I'm not sure she is going to survive the school year.  Remember, she was out ALL last year because of a back injury when she borrowed the janitor's golf cart and it overturned on her before school.  She had back surgery, but this is something different.  She's tired.  She's overwhelmed.  She's getting NO support from admin...some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, she needed more wood for her wood-burning stove, which is her only source of heat.  I stopped there for an hour, then continued up to the horse ranch.

It was a breezy autumn day...perfect weather.  UNfortunately, the battery in my camera was DEAD.  KAPUT.  ZERO.  NADA.  ZILCH.  (Al, you know how frustrating that can be, right?)  So, I took a few pics with my cell phone.  Trouble is, when I'm out in the sun with that dang thing, I can't SEE a thing!

Anyway, I let Gigondas, my big red thoroughbred mare, out into the arena, since it has been a couple of weeks since ANY of them have had a turnout.  Oh, and I fired my trainer.  She really wasn't doing anything new and wasn't pushing the horses to learn new things.  She was just collecting a check.  How disappointing.  So, I'm going to have to do it now.  Oh, boy!

Anyway, when Gigondas is done with her R&R, she always stands quietly next to the gate (see what a GOOD GIRL she is!)  So, I looked over and there she was, standing by the gate quietly.  I'd given the rest of the herd some pellets and she knew she would get some, too, if she came OUT of the arena!  I took her for a short walk and discovered a snake skin over by the hay stack, so I called the owner over for a look.  It wasn't a little snake skin, either!  I was LONG!  ACK!  With 4 dogs on the ranch, SNAKES are NOT ALLOWED!  I've had a couple of gopher snakes come out of the water faucet hole and the first time, I SCREAMED and the ranch owner came running over with a shovel to kill the snake.  Oops.  Now I just put my hand over my mouth.  I mean, it makes no sense to kill a non-venomous snake right?  Especially one that will eat the damn mice that chew on my saddles!

Next, I let Quad out for a romp while I unloaded 5 bags of pellets.  It was much too windy to take out Sunni and maybe today I can drive back and do Scout, Lucille, and Sunni...(I'm hoping, at least!)...

I have to meet out daughter up at the Living Desert Reserve this morning.  She wants to go for a walk (with the stroller and little Ellie), so I'll take photos up there and then see how my energy level is after that.