Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Seniors beware! New SCAM!

I recently received a bill from a "Professional Credit Service" (yeah, RIGHT!) for a bill from my local hospital, which they said was UNPAID and if I didn't dispute it within 30 days, they would consider it legal.


The ONLY time I was even at our local hospital recently was in December of 2013, when I was hit by a kid running to kick a soccer ball and he ran into me and I fell down and had a concussion.  Fortunately, this was a workman's comp case, as I WAS in the hospital most of the next day after I vomited in the morning.  As workman's comp, since it happened at school, during the school day, I wouldn't be responsible for anything, let alone $269.00!!!!

I knew it was bogus.  I tried calling the hospital several times and nobody answered.  I DID manage to get a quick call in to the credit service and they said, " was an error"!  An ERROR?  REALLY?

I confirmed it that afternoon with a call to the hospital.  Right away the gentleman on the phone said, "Is this regarding Professional Credit Service?"  I said "Yup".  Apparently they have received quite a few calls and complaints about them. And, NO, I don't owe $269.00.  It was an "error".

What a SCAM!  Just imagine if 10% of those receiving bills paid them!  What a ton of money that would be!

I fired off 4 letters of complaint, along with copies of my now-"bogus" bill from PCS to various governmental offices in Salem, Oregon (since it is an Oregon based company) AND a law firm in New York City.

What sealed it for me is that one of my co-workers ALSO got a bill from them, TOO, for the same hospital!  What a coincidence.  Seems they (PCS) targeted certain zip codes or hospitals.

SO...if you receive a bill from them, PLEASE, stop, call the hospital listed and confirm that you do NOT owe them money!  SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

I made a mistake at the park and this is what happened!

Last time I went to the park, a couple of weekends ago, I made a BIG MISTAKE!  I walked around taking photos, then went back to my car, and took out 4 quarters.  The quarters are for the duck food.  You can guess what happened.  ALL the sleepy ducks heard the turn of the gears on the duck food and came a' runnin!   Good thing this was 7 a.m., before lots of people got to the park.  I was quite amazed.  For 25 cents, you get about 10 pellets of duck food!  That's not even enough to feed 1 duck.  AND, I noticed the park even took out one station.  There used to be 3 there are only two.

THIS is what happened when the ducks heard the quarter drop and the wheels turn on the feeder...

They ALL started following me, begging for MORE FOOD!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This afternoon, out of sheer boredom, I went to the Toro Peak webcam.  There are puffy thunderheads all over the valley today, in spots, and I wanted to see what the webcam would show.  It isn't as hot as yesterday, either, and we are forecast to have RAIN by Thursday and Friday.

At first, I thought they were spots on my laptop screen, but I keep it meticulously clean.  I could see that they were NOT spots on the webcam lens.

No, they are RAVENS!  There are 3 of them that I can see...I often see them gliding along Deep Canyon, especially near Vista Point, where they stop to feed off the TRASH that people leave.  I mean, for a pullout like that, why in the world aren't there trash cans???  And, why aren't there RECYCLE bins for glass, cans, and plastic?  They (CalTrans) would make a fortune, believe me.  I've often been tempted to climb over the stone posts and go collect all the cans and bottles myself!

Anyway, back to the ravens...They frequently do stop there to enjoy the leftover McDonalds and other food items left by careless and thoughtless travelers.

The top photo is the UNcropped one, but I cropped the bottom one...You'll have to click on them to enlarge them to even see the ravens.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A VERY long week!

Last week just dragged ON and ON and ON.  I was home Tuesday with a stomach virus.  Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, I had to drive and pick up the granddaughter from day care because her mom was doing instrument rental night.  Thursday evening I had Back to School.  By Friday I was dragging!  I didn't walk one single morning at the park and I didn't have the energy to do so today either.  I took a LONG afternoon nap (2 hours) and feel better now, but basically I'm STILL dragging.

I DID get over to one of the mini-malls here in town to the shoe store (Famous Footwear) and I bought a pair of new, white Reebok walking shoes.  They used to be $26.00.  They are now $49.00.  OYE!  I also bought a simple pair of black loafers and a pair of Mary Jane shoes.  Buy one pair, get the 2nd pair 50% off, so I saved $26.00...I need something to wear with my long black pants when the weather turns cooler.  And, my old Reeboks I'll save for the garden.  I mean, when you have a 3rd grader say, "Teacher, your shoes are OLD!" ... you KNOW it's time for a new pair!   :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How bad was the flooding yesterday?

Here are some photos of the flooding in the Coachella Valley yesterday after the hurricane's clouds moved through the valley.

Monday, September 8, 2014

FLOODING here in the valley today!

I called a colleague and asked for a ride to work this morning because one of my tires was very low and I didn't wish to risk driving it another 50 miles today.  Turns out, that was a wise decision.  She picked me up and once we were on Interstate 10, it started raining and raining and raining.  It was a complete downpour!  We slowed to 25 mph on the interstate and our 20 minute drive took 45 minutes!  We couldn't even see the stripes on the highway!  We heard thunder at school and it rained until lunch time, when the clouds spread apart and the sun started shining.  Apparently Thousand Palms and La Quinta got the worst of it with flooding along streets and houses.  Cars were completely submerged.  Roads were closed.  Fortunately by the end of the school day, the sun was out.  We got a LOT of rain today and I'll have to check the news reports as to the amounts.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hurricane near Baja...we expect RAIN!

As Hurricane Norbert moves its way north from Baja California, we are expecting RAIN!  Probably it will come Sunday evening and into Monday, but yesterday and today...phew!  THE HUMIDITY!  Oye!  I made the mistake of taking my 20 kids (5 were absent) out for PE yesterday at 9:15 a.m.  FORGETABOUTIT!  After 20 minutes of teaching them how to play 4 square CORRECTLY, I was drenched from the humidity.  Of course, THEY wanted to stay and play, but I cut that short and told them all to go get a drink of water!  I nearly collapsed from the humidity!  Phew!

I took a look at the Toro Peak webcam yesterday and saw this photo.   There are NO clouds yet this morning, but the air is saturated with humidity.  I'll check in later and see what the valley view looks like.