Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The coming storm~thunderheads over Deep Canyon~SOOC Sunday 073111

I took a drive up Highway 74 yesterday afternoon to take some photos of the thunderheads and got a pleasant surprise...RAIN!  I opened the car windows to let the fresh air in.  It was delightful!  About 30 minutes later, this whole area was in a complete downpour which I could see from the desert floor.  More thunderstorms are forecast for today and maybe I'll get more photos of the thunderheads which are all over the valley this morning.  SOOC Sunday for July 31, 2011. To visit SOOC Sunday, please go to:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Palm trees and thunderheads

I had to pick up hubby yesterday afternoon at the hotel where he works.  I got there early and walked around to take some photos of the gorgeous thunderheads which were developing overhead.  They were spreading out and building up, so I figured we would have some rain, but no is cloudy again this morning, so maybe this afternoon?  If so, I'll take a quick drive up Deep Canyon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thunderhead~~~~~~Favorite Photo of the Week, July 29, 2011

As I stated in my previous post, we awoke to clouds in the sky this morning.  We've had so many, many days of clear sky that it was a welcome relief to see them. After doing my "horse chores", I headed back down the mountain and kept my eye on the developing thunderheads.  Just imagine the power in this one!  By the time I stopped my car, got out, took photos of it, it had spread out and was much more massive.  It's interesting to watch thunderheads and see how they grow.  We've scheduled to have more clouds and possibly some rain the next two days.  Favorite Photo of the Week for July 29, 2011. To visit Favorite Photo of the Week, please go to:


We woke up this morning to clouds in the sky...FINALLY!  The monsoon season HAS ARRIVED!  I stopped by the Santa Rosa mountains visitor center for a quick walk (along with the clouds comes H-U-M-I-D-I-T-Y!!!  So, it was a very short walk!  But, I got out and enjoyed the clouds in the sky, then continued my drive up the mountains to check on my horses and do some chores up there.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saguaros~SkyWatch Friday~072911

I always love to see the saguaros over in Arizona.  There's something very special and unique about each one of them.  And, against a blue sky with relaxing is that?  SkyWatch Friday for July 29, 2011.  These were photographed near Bartlett Lake, outside of Scottsdale.  To visit SkyWatch Friday, please go to:

Eagle Fire update

This fire is now up to over 14,000 acres.  Arson was the cause...sigh...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After the rain~Nature Notes~072811

Hubby and I were over in Scottsdale, Arizona last weekend.  It rained Sunday night.  It rained and rained, actually, and there was thunder and lightning.  So, Monday morning, I headed out for a walk. It was very humid and my hair frizzed and I was dripping wet!  But, the monsoon clouds had lingered and everything smelled delightfully like the desert, especially the creosote bushes.  The pathway next to the resort was soggy and I saw some footprints there.  Quail and rabbits were out, enjoying their morning meal (and the water, I'm sure!)  Scottsdale and Phoenix got a real drenching!  We are heading back to Arizona in mid-August, but we're driving up to the Mogollon Rim for a few nights.  Nature Notes for July 28, 2011. To read more Nature Notes, please go to:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo Challenge ~"Red"~072511

This is a Mexican bird of paradise bush which I found over in Arizona this past weekend. We also have them here in our desert and I have a few in my yard, but mine are all the yellow variety. Photo Challenge for July 25, 2011. To see this challenge, go to:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deep Canyon views and road etiquette

I headed up the highway early Thursday morning. It was another crisp, clear morning here in the desert, so I stopped to take a few photos. That's a Budweiser truck in the bottom one and I realized as I was snapping pictures, that I sure didn't want to be behind him all the way up the curvy mountain road, so I hopped into my car and sped off! Phew! NOBODY likes to be behind a large delivery truck or a hay truck. Although, I'll say that most hay trucks do pull over and allow cars to move ahead of them. There are only a certain amount of turnouts on this mountain road and I ALWAYS pull over to allow other cars (even idiots) to pass, and believe me, I've seen some cars speed up and down that highway. And, unfortunately, I've seen too many accidents.

Another fire~This one over 2,000 acres season has arrived. This is the 3rd fire in 3 days and this one has already burned over 2,500 acres. It's in San Diego county, just southeast of where I board my horses by about 35 miles. As I left the ranch yesterday, I could see the smoke. Hubby and I left for Arizona yesterday afternoon and we could see the smoke drifting over the California border, into Arizona. We decided to get a change of scenery and since the big comic convention is in San Diego this weekend, there were NO hotels from San Diego to Los Angeles, so we are traveling the other direction. Here's a link to the San Diego Union about the fire:

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I heard on our local news that there was a fire yesterday afternoon up on Highway 74. It was at Spring Crest, on the part of Highway 74 across from some lovely mountain cabins. I had completely forgotten about it until I drove by it this morning. I pulled over and drove along the road. BLM fire crews were still there, keeping an eye on things. It smelled AWFUL. The beautiful mesquite trees were burned. Apparently the fire crews responded in record-breaking time and controlled the fire to just 10 acres. Then, I heard on the news this afternoon that another fire broke out further down the road, in Anza, in a residential area. No buildings burned, but several were threatened. All of our mountains are on "high" fire alert. The humidity here today was 4%. Yes. 4%...that's REALLY DRY. While it was 109 degrees, any time you have relative humidity that low, it's easy to cool down. I always keep a bandana with me in my car and I always wet it when I'm done working with my horses. I wipe off my face, neck, and arms, and head home, nice and cool. It's when we get the summer monsoons (one is heading our way next week) that it becomes REALLY uncomfortable. I waved to the crew that was still on site this afternoon...those guys do a super job! And, mountain people greatly appreciate their work and efforts to control fires. THANK YOU, firefighters!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July monsoon~Nature Notes~072011

We've only had a few days of monsoon weather here this summer and it really wasn't a monsoon. Technically our monsoon weather is tropical and comes up from Mexico. What we had here in July was an Atlantic Ocean storm, an eastern ocean storm. No tropical storms yet and we usually have them by now in July. I know because our daughter's birthday is July 25 and in 1979, our home was flooded during one such summer storm. She was a year old and I was pregnant with our son. My husband was in Los Angeles for business at the time, and I awoke at midnight to the sound of water running through the house. I grabbed my baby, my purse, the bills (I know...) and our German Shepherd and stumbled out to my VW van and drove out of the flooded areas, only to become stranded on a bridge. Fortunately, a fire truck came by and we spent the night at one of the fireman's home (yes...the dog, too). My Siamese cat wisely crawled to the top of our roof, out of harm's way. I did manage, before I left, to "swim" across the street and wake up our elderly neighbor, who profusely thanked me, as he was a heavy sleeper. I also awoke our neighbors on the other side, who were able to save their house full of antiques. Phew..the things you can do when you are 28!!! For YEARS after that, every time it rained, I ran around the house and picked up my shoes and other items on the floor! (much to my husband's annoyance!) Once your house is flooded (we lost all our couches, chairs, bed, and carpeting, and some clothes), you never really recover. We got a SBA loan and replaced everything, but I'm always on edge when the summer monsoon storms come rumbling in...So I await the monsoon season. OOPS! Hurricane on the way...see link: To visit Nature Notes, please go to:

archives~Santa Rosa Visitor Center~spring

I was going through my archives because I haven't taken any new photos of Deep Canyon or the mountains near it since...June! Hubby also cleaned off my laptop desktop where I was storing my photos (thus making my laptop run EXTREMELY SLOW) and he put them all on a portable hard drive. But, now I have to sort through them to find photos, and believe me, there are a LOT of photos to go through! I've labeled them all by subject and date, but still...(sigh...) Anyway, I found these from March, 2009...springtime in the desert! Temps will be 110 here today, then slip back to 107 and 106 for the rest of the week...oh, how I miss spring!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deep Canyon in February~That's My World~071911

I looked out my living room window back in February of this year and I could tell it was snowing up in Deep Canyon, so up I went! :-) Hey, how often does it snow? Besides, I love to drive up Deep Canyon when it's's so quiet! There were only a couple of cars on the road that day and I enjoyed the solitude! I started my drive at the bottom of Highway 74, where it was raining. Then, all was silent and white stuff was hitting my windshield. Pretty soon, the road I had just traveled was covered with snow. It didn't take long...only about 15 minutes! What a beautiful transformation of my world! That's My World for July 19,'s going to be 109 here today, so I'm REALLY enjoying these pics! To see other worlds, please go to: