Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Relaxing in the fish pond

There was a young lab up at the cabin where we stayed in Idyllwild one weekend.  He's the "on site" dog...Sully.  I caught him taking a quiet rest in the lodge's fish pond!  Isn't he adorable?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mountain fence~Friday's Fences~092812

This beautiful fence was right across from our cabin the first weekend we stayed up in Idyllwild.  It was at a private residence, right along the street to the cabins.  I wandered over one morning to take a look at it.  Friday's Fences for September 28, 2012.  To visit Friday's Fences, please go to:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late summer colors~Our World Tuesday~092512

I took these photos two weekends ago, up in Idyllwild.  This is before the start of autumn.  I'm wondering what the leaves look like now...I guess I'll have to go back and see!  Our World Tuesday for September 25, 2012.   To visit OWT, please go to:

Monday, September 24, 2012

What in Tarnation? Mellow Yellow Monday~092412

Our first weekend cabin was right across the street from the Idyllwild Town Hall.  Yes, they have a town hall!  Isn't that quaint?  I LOVE IT!  On Saturday morning, we listened to the music of a violin lesson and somebody else had a piano lesson!  Great!  This large canopy was in the back, by the play area.  I wandered over there to look at it late Saturday afternoon.  I didn't see any kids there, but I'm sure that during the week, it is full of kids making crafts and playing.  What a restful place!  Mellow Yellow Monday for September 24, 2012.  I could feel autumn in the air yesterday afternoon!  To visit MYM, please go to:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late afternoon porch shadows~Shadow Shot Sunday~092312

It was very late in the afternoon when I took this photo.  I already lightened it up in BeFunky.  I didn't wish to lighten it up further because that would change the whole effect.  I hope you can see it!  If not, click on the photo to enlarge.  It was from this porch that I fed peanuts and corn kernels to the blue jays and squirrels all weekend!  And, I was standing at the end of the porch when the Cooper's hawk silently swooped down, grabbed a blue jay in its talons, and took off!  Poof!  Shadow Shot Sunday for September 23, 2012.  To visit Shadow Shot Sunday, please go to:

Mountain view

Well, sort of...the clouds were in the way, but I still liked the view.  The second photo shows you the wall around the Vista Point turnout, which is up Highway 74.  This was from a couple of weekends ago.  I didn't go up to see my horses yesterday because I now have full-blown bronchitis.  I've already gone through my Z-pack of antibiotics, but the cough still lingers and by 9:00 a.m. yesterday I was exhausted.  This is ALMOST pneumonia, except that it isn't in my lungs.  However, the fatigue is as bad!  So, I stayed home and rested yesterday and I'm hoping to have enough energy to drive up today to visit them.  I need to buy more pellets for them anyway...But, with views like this, who wouldn't want to go?  I may ask hubby to ride along with me in case I get too tired. Which photo do you like better?  I kind of like the wall because it gives some perspective...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mountain fence~Friday's Fences~092112

Our son and I were out looking at cabins one afternoon and I spotted this one out of the corner of my eye.  I asked him to stop and let me take a photo of it.  Charming, eh?  Friday's Fences for September 21, 2012.  To visit Friday's Fences, go to:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blue jay with a different beak~Nature's Notes~092012

A large blue jay appeared over the weekend at the cabin up in Idyllwild.  I immediately noticed that he had an oddly shaped beak.  It was much longer and curved that a normal blue jay's beak.  I watched him and got some photos of how he got corn in it.  He didn't approach the corn "head on" like the other jays...he went at it sideways.  He ADAPTED!  I saw him every time I put out food, so obviously he has managed to overcome his "adaptation".  I was glad to see him doing well.  Here are some photos of him and the last one shows a normal blue jay, so you can compare. Can you see the difference?  Nature's Notes for September 20, 2012. To stop by Nature's Notes, please go to:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hungry blue jays~World Bird Wednesday~091912

I spent the weekend last weekend entertained by the blue jays.  They were quite hungry, apparently!  One of them had a throat FULL of corn kernels and then he grabbed a peanut!  It wasn't always easy to get a shot of them, as they landed and fly off quickly, as you can see in the bottom photo.  But, I like it anyway!  World Bird Wednesday for September 19, 2012.  To visit WBW, please go to:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My weekend entertainment!

I was amused all weekend by the antics of the blue jays and squirrels up at the Idyllwild cabin.  The blue jays were quicker than the squirrels, but the squirrels would often charge at the jays and make them scatter.  It was a constant battle.  Both jays and squirrels liked the peanuts, but the jays also liked the whole corn kernels, while the squirrels enjoyed big sunflower seeds.  They brightened my days up there.  Oh, I went to urgent care yesterday and yes, I have bronchitis PLUS a secondary infection.  I'm on cough syrup (to get some rest) and antibiotics.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pretty leaves

So, we spent another weekend up in Idyllwild.  This time the son, grandson, and his girlfriend came with us to share a 3 level, 3 bedroom cabin that we rented Friday and Saturday nights.  It is booked all this week with another family.  It's a private residence that the owners rent out.  There was plenty to do...feed the blue jays, feed the squirrels, ATTEMPT to get a photo of the little chipmunk who dashed away quicker than a flash of lightning!  I FINALLY got one of him peeking out from the deck.   Unfortunately, both the grandson and I were sick (I have full-blown bronchitis) and I have to take today off and get to urgent care for something that will supress my cough.  These aren't aspen leaves, but a purple tree...they were red in the sunlight.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mountain fence~Friday's Fences~091412

Mountain fence in Garner Valley, CA for Friday's Fences 091412.  We LOVED the clouds on the way home to the desert last weekend!  To visit FF, please go to:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The empty road

Most of the time, Highway 74 is pretty empty of traffic.  If it is a three-day weekend, however, I see lines of cars either going up or down the road.  This was last Sunday afternoon...not a car in sight!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First color of fall

This leaf was right outside our back porch last weekend.  We are returning this next weekend with the grandson and his parents, but renting a private cabin instead.  Full kitchen, sleeps 10.  It is an A-frame with the bedrooms upstairs.  I'm sure the grandson will enjoy going up and down the stairs (he's 3...).  Oh, and it has a back deck, so he and I can feed the blue jays.  I'll have to buy PLENTY of peanuts!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend in the mountains

After this summer, hubby and I needed to get away for the weekend...from the heat, from our we headed up to our local mountains, specifically Idyllwild.  Idyllwild is at about 5300 feet in elevation.  It was cool at night (down into the 60's) and clouds moved in Saturday afternoon.  By the time we left Sunday, it was ready to rain.  I got lots of rest and fed peanuts to the blue jays and squirrels and watched a covey of quail come twice a day to look for birdseed.  Even a little cottontail appeared in the afternoons and mornings.  It was a restful weekend and now I'm ready for another week.

I did a double take when I saw this...

Hubby and I are up in Idyllwild this weekend.  I'm on the verge of bronchitis after a LONG week and little rest last weekend.  I went for a morning walk yesterday and saw this in a front yard of one of the houses along the street.  I did a double take!  I don't believe there are any bears up here, but there are bobcats and mountain lions.  Oh, and LOTS of blue jays and woodpeckers and gray squirrels!  We head home this morning after breakfast and will stop and check on the horses.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fence to nowhere~Friday Fences~090712

I stopped last weekend to take another photo of the fence to nowhere, which is up on Highway 74.  Thunderheads were popping up behind it and thunderstorms are forecast for this weekend, too.  Friday Fences for September 7, 2012.  To visit Friday's Fences, please go to:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Palm Desert cross

There is a hiking trail which leads up to the Palm Desert cross, which I see every morning from my front yard.  I haven't done the hike, mainly because of my back issues, but several of my co-workers have.  It is lit every night and on this morning, I went out early to take photos of the full moon and I turned around to see the cross.  I enjoy looking at it every day.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Highway 74 today~Our World Tuesday~090412

I drove up to see my horses today, briefly.  Clouds were gathering overhead and as I went down the road, I turned around to see this view.  Our World Tuesday for September 4, 2012.  To visit OWT, please go to:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More clouds!

We've had clouds and afternoon thunderstorms every afternoon last week, except yesterday.  The day before we broke the record for rain, getting over 1/2 inch in one day!  And, that was a 110 year old record! For a region which only gets 4 inches of rain (or less) a year, that was a LOT of rain.  Cathedral City had MAJOR flooding from the cove down through the local businesses.  I'll post a link later (for Timeless), so you can see the videos and read about it.  And, we have thunderstorms forecast for today and tomorrow.  I'm going to head up the mountain road (see previous post) this morning to check on my horses and work with a couple of them....HOPEFULLY before the rain starts up again!  Here are a few picture I took this past week of our skies...enjoy!

Here's a couple of videos about our storm this week:

and here are readers' photos submitted to the local news station: