Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reality check

Hounds and RV's posted a very thoughtful post here recently on his blog:

It was about whether or not he should sell his home and RV full time.  He has hounds, so he would take them with him.  He decided to stay put.

Hubby and I are still in the "thinking" stage about retirement, although he turns 64 next week.  He probably only has another year before he retires...maybe two years?  We just don't know.  I have at LEAST two more years of teaching after this year, maybe more.


Well, we have a loan on our home which won't be paid until 2017.  And, I have 5 horses to feed and board.  There goes 2/3 of my retirement.

We've lived here in the desert now for 40 years together.  Actually hubby has lived here since he was 10, so that's 54 years!  He remembers when JFK flew into the Palm Springs airport on Air Force One.  He went out there to see the plane.

Our children live here.  As long as they are here, I don't see us leaving.  I think Steve made the right decision to keep his home and travel in the "off" months.  We would probably do the same.  A LOT of people come to the desert in the winter, but they leave, usually by April 15th.  We would leave during the summer months.  I mean, when it is 118 degrees outside and HUMID, who wants to be here?  And, our summer electrical bills run $400 or $500 a month.  Fortunately, they are leveled and we pay $200 a month each month, all year.

We just bought a camping tent from COSTCO ($64.00) and I paid for two nicely padded lounge chairs for sleeping (I refuse to sleep on the ground!) (Timber Ridge lounge chair).  We have sleeping bags and an ice chest.  The only other item we need to buy would be a camping stove, although hubby wants the stove/oven combo.  We are planning on doing some family camping trips this summer with our son and his family (and a 5 year old!), since he has the same tent.  I've been looking through Pinterest camping ideas (it has been a LONG time since we went camping!).  I used to camp with my family a lot as a kid, but that was thousands of years ago...(or so it seems)...When hubby and I were first married, we have a VW camper van and we drove from Palm Desert to Yellowstone, camping in it. be young again!  I really miss that van.  It lasted nearly 200,000 miles and I only sold it when one of the doors fell off and the engine caught on fire one time after a mechanic left a rag in it!  It was our first SUV!  I could strap in both babies into their car seats and off we went!   :-)  It was great!  Now I have a Honda CRV and hubby has the Nissan XTerra...both good vehicles for camping, eh?

So, for now, we will stay and work toward retirement, but I don't think we'll sell our house and move anywhere, unless our kids move.


  1. The Pres retired, I transferred and we moved to VA...a place in the mountains that we always wanted. We loved it BUT as time passed, we saw the kids, grand kids less and less and I missed the family terribly, even though I made many friends after retiring there. We sold it, downsized and returned to be closer once again in a new energy efficient home...back home!...:)JP

  2. Ah...the VW Camper. I've been a VW fan since the 60's when my first car was a '62 bug. I have bought a lot of 'buses' over the years. All of them except one was '67 or older so they would have the split window in front. I spent weekends and vacations in the '80's in my '67 bus that was modified so I could live in it along the coast of Baja. My home base and job was in San Diego area.

    Yes, in your case, summer would be the time to leave. If you have time, I'd suggest the San Juan Islands NW of Seattle in the summer or the Oregon coast. Lived there for 10 years and loved the summers.

    I think you also have made a good decision. Hard to replace homes with the current market values.

  3. Enjoyed your post, Cheryl Ann, and the link as well. I'm less than 2 years from retirement and think about what I want to do all the time! I don't think full time RVing is in the cards, but must admit the lifestyle has some pluses. Imagine having a nice RV on the beach in Mexico every summer as you watch the sun set over the Pacific!!

  4. We want to be close to our children and grandchildren and right now they all live within 15 miles of us. So, as long as everybody is relatively close, we'll all stay together. In researching my dad's family lines, they REALLY kept their families together. They lived in Connecticut for 300 years. He was the first of his male line to leave that state.

  5. I'm an old VW bugs & vans driver as well. Have had many bugs & 2 vans. Took my orange VW Van to Canada's east coast & back one time in the mid 80's. One of the best vacations I have ever had. Just me & my old VW Camper Van.