Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blogger ideas

Sometimes when I don't have a clue what to write about, I'll get an idea from reading another blog.  This morning, it was Travel with the Bayfield Bunch:

No, it isn't about Lone Pine, although that IS one of our favorite spots in the Eastern Sierra.  It's about UFO's.

Now, don't leave just yet!  Like Al, I'm pretty much a skeptic, this whole, vast universe (or multiple universes), do you REALLY think we are alone?

I've never seen a UFO and probably wouldn't even recognize one if I ever saw it.  But, my good friend Barb, who lives up in Pinyon, has seen one and this is HER story:

Late one afternoon Barb and her daughter were zooming along Highway 74 when her daughter yelled "LOOK what's behind us?"  Apparently SOMETHING came out of Deep Canyon and was behind their car...Barb looked and saw it, too (that's 2 confirmations).   Now, Deep Canyon is DEEP (hence the name...).  It followed them for a bit, then was gone.  Barb mentioned she had a slight numbness in her head at this time.

That's it.  She also mentioned that ever since then, she "knows" what animals are thinking...

Hubby grew up down here in the desert (Rancho Mirage).  During the hot, summer months (his family had NO air conditioner), he would wet a blanket, go outside and sleep up on their flat roof.  In the old days, that's how you got cool at night!  He NEVER told me this story for over 38 years...but here is his story:  One night he was up on the roof of his parents' house.  He awoke for some reason (maybe because he got hot), looked up, and saw something BIG moving right over his house.  He sat up and saw...the entire sky filled with moving objects.  Now, this is a guy who is skeptical about EVERYTHING. If I said potato, he says know... Like I said, he never even told me this story for over 38 years.  He finally did just a few years ago.  He said they were moving slowly and totally silently.  Hmmmm.....????  I honestly don't know what to think.

So, Al, I ordered your book that you recommended:  Heck, I figured that at least it would be good summer reading.  And, like the author says, she has her professional reputation at stake here...Here's a link to one of her webpages:

So, WHO KNOWS?  Like Mulder said, "The Truth is out there"...

What are your ideas about UFO's?  I've always tried to keep up with stories/ideas just from having a curious, skeptical stance...


  1. Yes,'the truth IS out there'. Just wish in my lifetime the truth would be made known & confirmed removing all doubt in a good way. I have always believed whatever it is has nothing to do with Man's old archaic & narrow minded beliefs. Whatever It is I suspect will probably be something well beyond human comprehension as we now know it.

  2. One of those great topics for the open-minded. A young man told me the other day "I don't believe in....But I WANT to believe." I thought that was a great way to approach skepticism without judgement. I've had two unexplained "encounters" but it is more your position that we can't really be the only intelligent life in all these universes that I relate to most - seems awfully arrogant to be closed to the idea. Have fun with this!

  3. I agree with Jodee about it being arrogant to be closed to the idea.
    I really don't think that the Gov. is hiding that kind of stuff from us. In this era of whistle blowing and secret telling, I don't thing they could keep something like this under wraps for long. If there is life out there, it would have to be more intelligent than "life" on this planet.