Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who wouldn't want to be here?

I mean, just look at this!  I love this park, although it was crowded last Sunday.  The place was packed with screaming children and families.  I was up there for 5 hours, waiting for my family to show up.  They never did because the grandson wouldn't take a nap at home and he screams when they drive up the mountain road (his ears hurt...).  It was actually hot on that day, and I fell asleep in my camping chair for an hour.  I actually prefer to go up mid-week, when it looks like this, so that I can see the woodpeckers, blue jays, mountain bluebirds, and robins.  There was a red-tailed hawk screaming last Sunday, but I never spotted it.  Awww....the joys of summer.

I've been AWOL lately because I got involved with tracing my ancestors.  Our son started to work on both sides of our families.  My dad had originally done a lot of work on his English ancestors (his male line) and now I'm busy tracing the females (who are actually more interesting that the males!)...I found a male ancestor  on one of the female lines whose wife and three of their 13 children were killed during an Indian raid in Deerfield, MA.  He and two other children were taken prisoner and sold to the French.  They all made it home after a couple of years.  Then he remarried (having 11 children to care for....)  His second wife was then killed in another raid.  He remarried again and this one actually lived, although they had to go through another Indian raid in 1709. Another ancestor of mine was run through with sabers and left to rot in an English forest...sigh...Another one was the first Englishman to be beheaded in his town, which then became infamous for beheadings...sigh...What can I say? However, I did find several ancestors that were sheriffs.  LOTS and LOTS of Normans, but I did find one line that was actually Saxon and who managed to hang onto their lands after the Norman invasion.  It appears that my dad's male line were actually indigenous English (Vikings), but it also appears that they married into Norman nobility.  I've been working nonstop for about a week on all this stuff and I'm ready for a break.  Time to go up and work the horses!

If you are interested, here's a link to the Belden story:

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  1. Fascinating family stories. I'm reading a book about my Mother's side of horse thieves.