Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sunrise yesterday~SkyWatch Friday~110912

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, I pulled over at this spot to take a photo of the sunrise.  Just as I clicked my Nikon (I had it with me), a crow flew into the frame.  I kind of like it!  It adds an interesting perspective, don't you think?  (Click on it to enlarge...)  SkyWatch Friday for November 9, 2012.  Our first winter storm has moved in today and snow is expected down to 4,000 feet in our local mountains.  To visit SWF, please go to:


  1. exquisite moment in time! I do hope you will help me in creating the gratitude quilt this year…there is more info at the top of my blog.