The Dancer

The Dancer
Graceful dead tree up above Deep Canyon.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rock in hand~Sunday Stills Challenge~121613

This week's Sunday Stills Challenge was something in your hand.  I was puttering around in our daughter's old bedroom, which is now my "excess stuff" room and I found a wadded up newspaper on the floor yesterday.  I picked it up, to throw it away, but it was taped and heavy!  Hmmm....I unwrapped it and VIOLA!  I found this beautiful heart-shaped piece of rock which I'd purchased somewhere, sometime.  I honestly don't remember.  I THINK it was during one of our Arizona trips.  Anyway, isn't it beautiful?  It is now on my dresser where I can admire it.  Imagine just leaving it wrapped and unloved on the floor?  Sheesh...(shaking head...)  SSC for December 16, 2013.  To visit Sunday Stills Challenge, please go to:

Photo taken with my cell phone.

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