The Dancer

The Dancer
Graceful dead tree up above Deep Canyon.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday and the weekend

I'm finding that I'm usually too tired on Saturdays to even THINK about driving up the mountain to check on the horses.  I only got up to see them a week ago Sunday, and then again on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week.  And, this weekend?  Forget it.  I ran errands all day Saturday (COSTCO, Clark's Nutrition, and Vons).  I was out of birdseed and wanted to put some out and watch the birds.  Unfortunately, either the hawk was close by or the birds have mostly scattered.  Saturday's birdseed was still there Sunday morning.  I haven't heard or seen the hawk now for over a week, but apparently the birds are wise to him and now avoid our yard.  I usually hear one of the pair up in our cottonwood cackling every morning, but I haven't heard them now for some time.  Maybe they've moved on?

So, yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day.  I'd done housework, too, on Saturday, which apparently just exhausted me to no end.  After 4 bouts of pneumonia and then having bronchitis ALL last school year, I'm finding that I can only do so much in one day.  I'm pretty much exhausted.  And, I did unload 6 bags of horse pellets, as well as 5 mineral BLOCKS and 5 little salt bricks on Wednesday, which did me in for the rest of the week!

And, it's back to school for the next 3 weeks now...BUT, as the sign says...AND, I have a 3 week break!  :-)


  1. We all need to pace ourselves! you'll be on break before you know it. Take care of yourself...

  2. Howdy Cheryl Ann,
    Please, please, pace yourself !!!
    Teaching school isn't an easy job, PERIOD!! I know, it' cost me the 'love of my life', in 1995... After 18 years of the stress and no way to relax, from it, my wife fell dead, in front of me & 3 para-medics, with a massive coronary.. We had 5 more years to go, before retirement and now retirement means life is over for me, even though I do have another
    Please, please, take it easier !!!

  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Frankly, it's my husband that I worry about...he is in a high-stress job and just worked 14 days straight! We relax by grabbing our cameras and heading to the mountains, or ocean, or desert to get out and take photos, but we both have a LONG 3 week stretch ahead of us! My condolences to you on the loss of your beloved wife.