Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More yucca blossoms, different camera

I had both my Canon and my Nikon with me last weekend when I stopped to take photos of the yucca blossom.  Yesterday's photos were taken with the Canon (which I'm STILL learning how to use...).  These were taken with my Nikon (D40x).  Which do you like better?  It seems to me that the Nikon ones are more crisp and clear, but I'm biased toward the Nikon.  I've always loved that camera.  (It's the one that went flying, THUMP! on the floor of the cabin up at Mammoth last fall and when I fell SPLAT on my face after coming into the cabin with snow on my boots and sliding on the kitchen floor. The viewfinder on it was smashed).  Hubby sent it out for repairs and I really haven't used it much lately, but I did take it with me this weekend.  Anyway, let me know which set of photos you like better...The Nikon is MUCH lighter than the Canon, but it's an older model and it is more difficult to change the settings on it.  The Canon is a newer model, but I'm still learning how to use its settings and frankly, I was disappointed with the photos I took last weekend.  The sky was washed out on every single one of the photos I took and I was taking some at 250/second...I noticed that one these, the sky isn't washed out.  Tomorrow I'll do some more comparisons.  I prefer the Nikon for sunrise and sunset photos because it seems to capture the colors better than the Canon...any thoughts, or ideas?  Which do you use?


  1. Here is a link for you with edible yucca flowers, though I think you can google some youself. Being that Spanish Dagger Yucca or Mojave Yucca(Yucca schidigera) and "Our Lords Candle" (Yucca whipplei) are native to your natural landscape, it may be beneficial to narrow the search right there with these.

    Good luck and nice pics again. I can almost taste those flowers as I was describing them yesterday lol.

    Wish you the best on that hike if you go. If you are able to, I was asking the group there to document some photos of the plant life which grows underneath the Redshank chaparral. I want to do a piece on this and at least I could point to another site which took the photos.

    Have fun though on the hike.


  2. I don't remember giving the link suddenly, so just in case, here it is:



  3. They are both nice. I can tell one is clearer than the other but I guess it's all on what you like. These yucca blossoms are so pretty.

  4. These Nikon shots look crisper to me also. But then I'm becoming a true Nikon fan.

    I'm carrying around the old Fuji and the new Nikon now because the Fuji takes much better macros. And I can use it while driving as it doesn't take two hands t focus.

  5. Love those shots! That blue sky is so vivid!! Thanks again for sharing.