Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday didn't start well.  PERIOD.  First, I was going to go to my credit union to have them print me out a new debit card.  I had them cancel my old one, since I'd used it at Target during the security breach time.  It had been 10 days and I had NOT received it yet and by yesterday I was fed up waiting and waiting for it to arrive in the mail (I STILL have NOT received it...)

So, I grabbed my keys, locked the house, locked the front gate, and hit the car button to unlock it...NOTHING. NO response...hmmmm...I tried it 3x before I realized that I  had grabbed hubby's set of car keys (no house keys on them).  And, I was locked out of the yard.

Fortunately, the workers arrived across the street.  They are tearing up the beautiful tiles and putting in wood laminate flooring, so I figured they might have a screwdriver and I could unscrew the screws on the front gate latch.  Nope.  The latch covered the way.  So, back I went to ask one of them and bring a crowbar to pry off the latch, which he graciously did.  I was able to get into the house, grab my keys, and get to the bank to have them print me out a new debit card.  And, I had an extra gate latch, which I was able to install myself   :-)


  1. I have this "Jack Benny's vault" style of a way of getting back into the house if I lock myself out. Just have to know where to look, and which key opens which door. Best not to be needing to go to the washroom though, 'cause it involves a few steps.
    Had to drive a neighbour to his wife's place of work a few weeks ago as he had locked himself out. Good way to get to know the neighbour a bit.

  2. Talk about good timing. You must've been relieved to find the workers across the street. Glad their crowbar managed to help you out in that kind of situation. When all else fails, crowbars are the way to go, after all. Just like in the movies. Hahaha! Take care! :)

    Joyce Roberson @ LockedOut-LockSmiths