Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinyon and sky~SkyWatch Friday~011813

Our son's best friend has a 2 1/2 acre parcel of beautiful land up in Pinyon Flats.  It is completely fenced and would be perfect for us and my 4 horses, has an earthquake fault right through the middle of the property.  No, really...sigh...However, I still stop there on weekends and walk around.  Our son helped his buddy completely fence the property (you can see the chain link fence in the lower right hand corner).  One time I heard an owl hooting.  Another time, a dozen quail ran by, through the wash.  It does have a dry creek bed running through the property.  And, that is right where the fault lies.  I do LOVE stopping there and listening to the wind move through the trees, the calls of the woodpeckers, and the natural beauty of the pinyons, even this dead one.  I'm SURE an owl would love to sit at the top of this tree!  SkyWatch Friday for January 18, 2013.  To visit SWF, please go to:

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