Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014

Bighorn sheep on Highway 74 October 2014
This big guy crossed the highway, October 2014.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A wonderful day to drive to the mountains! :-)

Saturday was clear and warm, but yesterday it was "gusty" here in the desert.  "Gusty" really should have said "windy and cold".  It was much colder than Saturday, but I headed out for my morning walk anyway (and well bundled up!).  While I enjoyed my walk yesterday, I REALLY wanted to get on the road up to the mountains to check on the horses and give them a noontime meal of pellets and some oil.  I also wanted to check on the wildflower progress up on Highway 74 (I spotted two yellow shrubs already blooming!) and the leftover snow from Tuesday night's storm.  Here are some pics from yesterday...enjoy!  Photos of houses and fence are up in Garner Valley.  Last photo shows ice on an automatic waterer up at the ranch.  The horses now have their water in huge tubs so that this doesn't happen!

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  1. We used to use old bathtubs to fill fro our horses and Angus...:)JP