Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14

Bighorn sheep herd 05/26/14
There were about a dozen bighorn sheep this date 052614 up on Highway 74, above Palm Desert, CA, and right above Deep Canyon.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


We arrived home yesterday afternoon and went to our daughter's house for lamb, artichokes, salad, and bread last night.  Boy, was that yummy!

It's pretty quiet here today and hubby and I are both tired.  I don't know what he's tired from...I did ALL the driving for 3 days!  I'm just glad to be home, in our own bed, and just resting today!

Here are more pics from our trip.  We drove up the 101 to Buellton, stayed there, visited Solvang for breakfast and lunch, ate dinner one night at the Firestone Brewery right up the street from the Marriott, got take out from there the next night, and then ate with our family last night.

We saw lots of beautiful, GREEN hills!  However, Lake Cuyamaca is extremely low...sigh...another victim of California's drought.

 Nice looking vineyard.
 Beautiful, green, rolling hills above and the low Lake Cuyamaca below.

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  1. It sounds like a nice get-a-way. Very nice photos, but I'ts sad to see Lake Cachuma that low...